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How Can I Modify An Assignment?

With Med-Challenger's Assignment Manager, changing or deleting assignments is no problem at all.

Once Assignments have been made, changes may be desired for any number of reasons. For instance, perhaps someone didn't meet the deadline you set and you would like to reassign it to just that one person. Or, perhaps you want to change the due date and Assessment attempts allowed for all of the assignees. Here's how changes may be made to individual assignments that are already in place.

Locate the assignment you desire to change in the Assignment Manager then click the blue and white button. At this point changes may be made to available Advanced options, the start date and the end date. Additionally, the Assignment may be deleted, reassigned, unassigned or additional users may be added to the assignment.

Locating an Assignment

Locate the desired assignment in the Assignment Manager, click the blue and white button to open the Assignment.

Time Limits

Allow Answer Key (Learning Rx)

Number of Attempts

Here Number of Attempts, Time Limit, Passing Score and End Date have been changed. To keep the changes, simply click Save at the bottom of the page. Note that the Send Notice of Modified Assignment has also been changed. When the Notice of Modified Assignment is used, assignees will receive an email indicating that changes have been made. It is recommended to select this option.

Additional options available

Add Users - click the Add Users button, choose Select All or individual users. Click Done, then OK. *For further/additional changes, you will need to go back into the assignment.

Confirmation of Changes

Deleting Assignments

This removes the assignment for all assignees.

Click the Delete Assignment button located at the top, right side of the active area.

Assignee Notifications

Notice of the removal will be sent to the original Assignees.

Unassign one or more individuals from an assignment

At times it may be needed to remove an individual or individuals from an Assignment. To do so, open the assignment, go towards the bottom of the page and select the checkbox under Unassign column. Click the blue and white Unassign Users button that appears. The change is automatically saved once the button is clicked.

Reassigning/Quick Reassign:

The Reassign feature may be used to extend an assignment for individuals. This feature essentially makes a new assignment for the individual according to the dates chosen. Please note that reassigning to an individual does not automatically remove them from the original assignment.

Click the Reassign button

Select new dates

Confirmation appears

There is now a new assignment listed on the Gantt Chart with the same title as the original but with different dates.

Clicking into the new assignment reveals only the selected student with the different start and/or end dates.

You may wish to remove the individual from the original assignment by using the Unassign feature.

The same types of changes and alterations may be made to the new assignment just as any other assignment may be modified.


It is highly recommended to use the Reassign feature sparingly to avoid having a large number of same assignment names to track.