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How Can I Select Assignees?

When setting up assignments using the Assignment Manager, you'll be stepped through the process. Once you have selected your Assessments, the test(s) you are assigning, you move on to selecting Assignees.

How to Select Assignees

The Select Assignees page provides options that allow you to easily assign individuals or groups with just a few clicks of the mouse.

All Assignees Default

By default the All Assessments/Exams have the "same Assignees" option is on.  If checked, all Assignees that are selected will receive all of the assessments in the current assignment.

If this is the option you wish to use, click the ‘Click to Select Assignees’ button. When using this method, all Assessments will be included.


You don't have to assign each assignment to each assignee individually - one by one.  If you group select assignees, then not only will all the selected assignees recieve the same assignments, but results will be grouped for comparative analysis.

Custom Assignments

In order to assign different assessments to different individuals or groups, deselect the checkbox next to All Assessments/Exams have the same Assignees.

Once completed, click Next to proceed with your assignment.

Assign by Individual

To assign to individuals, select the checkbox next to the individual names -


If you want to select all assignees in a list, click the top header row and all assignees will become checked for selection.  You can then uncheck anyone to remove them.  This may be a faster approach.

Searching for Specific User

There is a search field in the Assignments manager which you can use to find a specific user in your institution.

Assign to a Specific Group

To assign to a specific group (if groups are available to you) select the drop down on the right then choose the group desired