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Can I Change The Color Of My Background?

We offer two color palettes for Med-Challenger accounts. The article below will show you how to try them both. You can toggle between the two settings as often as you like.

Once logged in, the Theme Switch is located in the upper right corner of your account, under your Profile icon.

Hover over the profile icon and the menu will appear.

There are two main themes available: Dark and Light.


Setting is saved in your Profile.

Whatever you’ve selected, that theme will be remembered and utilized until you change it again.


Notable Benefits of each Theme:

Dark Theme

  • Less eye fatigue
  • Improved activity focus
  • Higher media contrast
  • Uses less battery power

Light Theme

  • Better readability
  • “Normal” paper-like visuals
  • Better in outdoor light
  • Uses less ink on print

Not seeing it? You may need to clear your web browser cache.