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How Can I Create Superior Online Questions for My Program?

If you have Question Authoring enabled within your Med-Challenger account, we recommend you follow these tips when creating your own questions.

Question Writing Tips:

  • Craft each question to "stand on its own" in that everything needed to answer the question (e.g. full case description, images, labs) is in the question stem.
  • Assessments randomize questions by default, so if you have multiple questions referring to the same case, restate the complete clinical case situation in each question stem.
  • Avoid inferred references to other questions in your stems that can befuddle randomized test takers, such as:
      • "in the previous question"
      • "based on your previous choice"
      • directions or references to any outside-of-this-stem resources, including external websites.
  • Sequential numbering is automatically applied in assessments. There is no need to add sequential question numbers to each stem.
  • Your question titles (Name) will not be seen by end users. Use titles for your own internal reference (i.e. the question's case subject, learning objective, source info, etc)
  • Post-answer remediation (answer explanations) should include detailed case practice rationales including why each respective answer option is correct or incorrect along with supportive content reference information.
  • Save your work before moving on to another question, switching platform features or closing your browser. Save prompts will alert you before you exit the question editor.

Library Tips:

  • Question Library Search filters on both Question Name text and any applied keyword Tags.
  • Organize your questions in folders. Your folder organization will be reflected in Custom Exam Builder menus. Select "Custom Questions" as your question source when creating a custom exam.
  • Click "Undo" to revert any errant drag-and-drop actions.

Code-safe Restrictions:

You can copy/paste pre-formatted text and text from webpages into the question content.

However, hyperlinks, javascript and other code outside of basic HTML formatting tags (h1, strong, em, p, table, ul/ol, etc) will be auto-stripped (or functionally disabled) from question stems.

Hyperlinks to outside resources are only allowed in post-question remediation answer explanations.

Any remediation hyperlinks to external sources will open in a new window.