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How Can I See Answers and Explanations As I Go Through the Course?

For users who want immediate scoring and explanations for each question as they're answered, Med-Challenger has options for studying that don't require taking a complete assessment.

he "Practice" and "Review" tutor modes are found in the "Study By Topic" section.  To get there, go to your Dashboard, click the "Study" button and choose "Study By Topic" from the dropdown list.


(You can also get there by going to the left navigation menu, selecting "Study & Review" and then selecting "Study by Topic".)


On the "Study by Topic" page, select your course from the dropdown menu.


Then expand any Chapter to see a list of Topics.


Clicking on a Topic will take you to a page with at least one Q&A button. Some Topics have multiple Q&A buttons, and some have a Media button.


The Media button contains images, X-rays, charts and other tools that give you more ways to learn the material and that may or may not be included in the Q&A section.  If there’s more than one Q&A button, you’ll want to go through each one.

Programmed Learning Progression

Clicking on a Q&A button takes you to a screen with three tabs – Practice, Review, and CME Assessment.


Practice Mode

The Practice mode provides immediate feedback after each question and lets you try the questions first without having to be concerned about a score.  Here you’ll have two attempts for each question.  The green dots show you the number of tries remaining.


When you answer a question correctly, or if you answer incorrectly twice, the correct answer will be highlighted in green and an explanation will give you further information.


There are no records kept in Practice mode.  There’s no score, and once you leave this area, any of the selected answers will be gone.

You can also click the Reset Questions button if you want to go through the questions again.


Review Mode

The Review mode lets you scroll through the questions, see the answers, and read the explanations without having to do any additional clicking.  The correct answers here are marked with a green checkmark.


The explanations may provide links for you to click for additional information.