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How Can I Send Content Feedback?

While our physician editors routinely review and update course content, if you see something that doesn't seem correct, we want to know.

If you find suspect content or want to give content feedback about information you find in any of our courses, here's the best way to do that.  We'll get the information reviewed and corrected quickly if warranted.  

Reporting Suspect Q&A

To report suspect Q&A content, simply click the "Report Question" button next to the question in the Practice or Review section of the topic.  The "Report Question" button will also be available in all post-assessment Learning Presciption answer keys.


You will be prompted to give a description of the content error; it is critical that we get the full details of the issue. Then click submit, it's that easy!


Reporting Other Content (non-Q&A)

For content findings outside of Q&A content, please report findings via our support form.

Such content issues include: typographical errors, content-material oddities or poorly displaying items.

What will happen?

We will review your comments and take appropriate editorial steps immediately, as warranted by our editorial board of board-certified clinical educators.

We update our courses daily, so once we have a resolution, any corrections will appear automatically in the course.

If we have any further questions regarding your submission, we will contact you via email.  Otherwise, please know your comments have been heard and any corrective actions are occurring as fast as possible.