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My Institution has Med-Challenger - What's the Best Way to Get Started?

In this article, you'll find an overview of the ways you can use Med-Challenger - both as assigned by your program and for individual study.

With Med-Challenger, you can get you required tasks done - quickly and easily - and so much more. The Dashboard in your Med-Challenger account is your starting point. 



If your Program Administrator has Assigned course material to you, you can access it from the Work button at the top of your Dashboard. You can also get to your assigned material following the link in the Assignment email. We recommend that you sign into the Med-Challenger account first. 

You can access comprehensive board exam simulations and other built-in adaptive exams from your account assets.

Access CME credit topic segments and complete CME assessments for credit. Dial up your assets and CME type and get it done.


Enjoy weekly Quick Quiz CME games and earn free CME credit. Rank against peers. Top the leaderboard!