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My Learner Has Scored An Assignment - Why Does It Show As Incomplete?

Scoring vs. Completing

Making a score (simply attempting the assignment) is not "completion" as defined in dashboards and calendars.  "I did it." may not be enough.  Your learner may have not met the score required, scored within times allowed, or scored a passing grade after a final due date.

What constitutes "completion?"

In order for any assignment to turn green and be deemed "complete," the THREE conditions below must be met.

  1. The assignment must be completed by the "Due Date" that was set by the Program Manager.
  2. The Learner must meet or exceed the passing score that was set by the Program Manager.
  3. The Assignment must be fulfilled within the "Effective to Due Date" range.

If any of these conditions are not met, the Assignment will not display as complete (compliant with designated schedule and effectiveness of use.)