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Who Writes Challenger's Content?

Content quality is paramount at Med-Challenger. In this article we'll discuss how we develop and maintain accurate, up-to-date, and informed educational materials relevant to specific medical specialties and practitioner disciplines.

Our three tiers of content guidance and quality control

  • “Physician Advisory Board Members” are a group of leading physician educators focused on informing and shaping the direction of content product needs based on the current and future landscape of medical care, medical education, and professional/organizational compliance needs.
  • “Editors-in-Chief” are practicing physicians that oversee the form of specialty-specific courses or curricula, assist in content prioritization and contributor management, and provide peer-review, etc.  
  • “Contributors” are practicing physician authors (many are educators as well) that revise specific topic segments (Q&A) and otherwise provide peer-review.

Editorial Processes

Content mapping is based on latest board exam blueprints and any other MOC related content required for ongoing certification maintenance.   Chief Editors, in conjunction with advisory board and content development teams, set the content framework and production priorities in their specialty.  Prevailing case-based, board-style formats and ACCME/ACGME question writing styles are followed by all contributors. Practicing, board certified contributors create new content and update existing content where necessary.  New content is peer-reviewed by contributors and editor-in-chief. Once content is ready, format and clinical proofing is allied before final, seamless implementation into live content.

Our editorial process includes clinical planning, development scheduling, content creation and review via double peer-review and clinical proofing.

Textbook edition reference updates occur in a slightly different process. (see Reference Updates)

Editorial Goals

In general, our content library and courses are aimed at providing physicians with any and all knowledge review needs per specialty.  We try to cast the widest net to address “career practice” knowledge, but then focus exam-simulators and other review tools to provide more “task oriented” experiences (e.g. board simulators only show case-based exam-style Q&A where other Q&A forms may be available in topic-based CME quizzes.)   We’re continually refining individual Q&A and media elements and their uses with each product version. We provide the most Q&A of any online product – and new questions are being written daily.

We don’t hide from feedback.

We employ medical proofing services as well as a development staff of web/HTML gurus.  We provide in-product feedback vehicles per question (report question) so that suspect content is addressed most expeditiously (we seek feedback, not hide from it).   

We publish timely updates.

As we continually update content, we post a blog of development news on our portal that highlights those changes several times a month.  We also create new versions of courses to adopt any other changes to specific exam specifications, knowledge models as needed, typically once every two years (with ongoing updates).  

Author Information

All authorship info is provided in every course’s Front Matter.

In Study or Earn Sections, under your course asset selector, you'll see "Course Info" with a Last Updated date.

Click the Course Info area to expand course author and CME information.


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