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Why Can't I See Courses In The Course Selection Dropdown List?

When using Safari browser on an iPad: 

The best and simplest solution is to use the Google Chrome browser (recommended). It may be downloaded online or from the App Store at no charge.

Try this solutionTurn off Private Browsing/Tracking settings in Safari. It may be necessary to clear the data and cookies, quit Safari, then retry.

This is also true if Private Browsing is turned on on Mac computers using Safari. Go to Settings/Safari. Turn off Tracking or Private Browsing (depending upon which iOS you have)

When using Google Chrome on iPad:

To resolve this issue, open Google Chrome, click the 3 bars located at the top, right hand side of the screen. When the sub-menu appears, look for 'Request Desktop Site' and check the box next to it. You should now see your courses or content when logged into your account.