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Why Does My Challenger Account Look Wonky?

Different browsers present Web information in different ways. Challenger recommends using Chrome for the best experience with our products.

You need a standard web browser to use Med-Challenger online.  There is no other software needed.

To find out what operating system and web browser you have, click here.

Here are a list of popular browser options.  Click a browser link to learn how to download it.


Figure: What is a browser cache? 

Did you know?: If you use certain web products, you may need to clear your browser cache at times.  Your "cache" - or cached files - are all the files (images, scripts, etc) that have been stored on your local device by your browser previously thereby reducing the need to re-download these files when you visit sites again.  When websites make updates or changes, sometimes these cached files will become outdated.  Clearing your cache will remove these files (i.e. "clearing your cache").  When you visit your destination website again, your browser will reload the destination website completely and save the most current files to your cache.  All browsers do this in order to save load times on return visits to your frequented destinations.